from 8 am till 11 am

Roasted muesli with Greek yoghurt, honey and berry compote


2 free-range eggs – poached, fried or scrambled – on toast


                   with bacon or sausage or smoked salmon


Bacon and egg on knot roll, rocket, cheese, tomato relish, sweet potato wedges


Haloumi and pea fritters with rocket, burst cherry tomatoes, avocado and ajvar


add chorizo for $4.00

Mushrooms on sourdough with tomato relish, rocket, tomato, avocado


Lamb’s fry with bacon, egg & grilled tomato


Eggs Benedict with baby spinach, seeded mustard hollandaise



with a choice of ham, bacon or smoked salmon or mushrooms



Big breakfast with 2 eggs, bacon, sausages, grilled tomato,


mushrooms & hash brown

Extras for $5.00 each

Bacon, sausage, smoked salmon, mushrooms, haloumi

Extras for $2.00 each

Grilled tomato, hash brown, avocado, fresh spinach

Morning or afternoon tea

Homemade banana and walnut bread with butter


Raisin toast (1 slice) with butter


Homemade scone (1) with jam & cream


Homemade date scone (1) with butter


Homemade date scone (1) with jam & cream


Gluten free raisin toast (1) with butter